Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I thought I would try out this new blog and start up a new contest, since after all that is why I set it up! I will be closing my shop in 2 weeks while I go on vacation for 2 weeks so I thought I would slip in a giveaway before I head off for 2 sunny weeks!

This time I am going to giveaway a $25 gift certificate to my shop :) Then you can choose what you wish! Browse the shop to think of what you may want :P

There are 3 simple ways you can enter to win!

1. First of all become a follower of the new blog! Then post a comment below so I know you joined and that is how you enter for one chance to win!

2. Click on the "share" on facebook button on the right side and let all your friends know about the giveaway too! Then add another comment below to enter the second time!

3. Leave some love here or on facebook for another chance to enter!

I hope this all makes sense! I am still adjusting to how the blog works so bare with me :) If we get 100 followers from this contest I will throw in a second gift certificate to giveaway also!


Contest closes at midnight MST on June 30th

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All NEW diaper cover and beanie sets!

These cute little sets are a perfect addition to your prop collection! They are affordable and come in many great colors! If you don't see a color you want just ask and I probably have it!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This has easily become one of my new favorite props to use. They are simple to get off and on so they don't wake a sleeping baby and come in a variety of colors! Plus they look super cute too :P

Two new hats in fun, bright colors!

I always enjoy alot of fun color in my newborn photography and I think these are good for just that!


Hi there,
Thank you so much for joining me on this blog. This is my first attempt at a blog so please bare with me :) I will try to keep things updated here as well as on my facebook page and of course you will find the latest on new products, discounts, sales and my favorite FREEBIES! I try to offer a couple giveaways every month so please follow the blog so you don't miss out!

If you have any photos using my knits please feel free to send them to me to share here and I will of course link back to your website!

I look forward to working on this blog and sharing it with you all!

Thank you!